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Coming Back Stronger

There’s no two ways about it, this has been a tough year to be finishing school or Uni with Covid restrictions stripping hope, motivation and fun from the curriculum in 2020. It’s a serious issue, and we are proud to support the University of Sydney’s The Kidman Centre and their program, Coming Back Stronger.

The Covid 19 virus has impacted us all,  but our Year 12 and undergraduate students have been hit the hardest. They were already the highest risk group for developing mental health problems even before the virus, and now research shows depression and anxiety have skyrocketed, and that many students are pessimistic about the future.

This age represents a critical time, developmentally, as students make decisions that help them to move from childhood into adulthood. They are becoming more independent from parents, they are making new friends and forming their identity. They are aiming for certain ATAR or university scores and trying to make their way in the world through study and work. 

The virus has threatened so much of this growth. And now, as a result we are hearing that many students are struggling with motivation, disengagement and a lack of direction. Students are understandably grieving the loss of many 'rites of passage’  like productions and formals, that they had been looking forward to. These are opportunities that they know they won't get again. And there are fears around what will happen at the end of the year with high unemployment and changes to travel and tertiary study.

Coming back Stronger is a preventative mental health program, specifically designed for Year 12 and undergraduate students, that sets out to address these concerns and support students through the remainder of the year. Clinical psychologists have developed a 1-hour program, relying on evidence-based strategies that will help to build motivation and keep students on track for achieving their goals. There is an accompanying seminar for parents as well.

 It is so important to acknowledge these very real difficulties and provide support in a proactive way. 

There’s an accompanying seminar for parents and the entire program is TOTALLY FREE!

Check it out: and be sure to spread the word to any students you know!