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Turning rags into an enriching youth mental health program

Our partnership with E-Thread provides a unique way to deliver benefit to the community while solving an environmental and community issue - we recycle textiles preventing landfill and use the proceeds to fund an enriching youth mental health program in that community.

You donate your pre-loved clothing and we'll do our best to create resilient and confident kids.

We work with landowners who 'donate' the space that the bin sits on, the community fill the bin with their pre-loved textiles, E-Thread then repurpose the bin contents and pay The Sebastian Foundation $30 per week per bin, which the Foundation endeavours to fund Open Parachute into that community.

It's a beautiful example of a circular economy. We're working with companies such as Ampol and Woolworths and local councils so keep an eye out for a bin near you and do your bit for community ... while freeing up some wardrobe space.

Reach out if you want to find a bin to drop your pre-loved clothing in or have some land you'd like to house a bin on and help us to give back to your community at no cost to yourself or your business.