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Adelaide Crows Foundation tackles youth mental health

The Sebastian Foundation is thrilled to partner with The Adelaide Crows Foundation to make a positive impact on youth mental health in South Australia. 

The two charities will work together to raise funds to subsidise South Australian schools to implement the Open Parachute in-school wellbeing program. Crows players will attend classrooms to share their own personal experiences with overcoming challenges and building resilience. 

“We’re so excited about the partnership because we can see how connected the Crows are with the community so we really see this as a template which could work in so many other places across the world with the Crows leading the way,” said Dr Hayley Watson, Clinical Psychologist and founder of the Open Parachute program. 

“The added element of having professional athletes going into schools and speaking vulnerably about their story and why they feel passionate about mental health will help more teachers and students see the value in it and see that it is a heroic journey.

“I’m really passionate about supporting young people in building mental health skills and finding unique and relatable ways to be able to teach students.

“The program is vital as every single student will struggle at some point in their life – if they’re not struggling already. Most don’t reach out for help because of the stigma, and so what we’re trying to do is ensure every single student can access this training and develop this skillset so they can thrive when they do face challenges.”

Crows CEO Tim Silvers said the Club wanted to be known for much more than winning football games, and positively impacting the lives of local children and youth was of utmost importance. 

“We strongly believe in using our platform and resources, and in particular our charity arm the Adelaide Crows Foundation, to help address the social and health issues facing the next generation,” Silvers said.

“It’s a well-documented fact that having an opportunity to engage with a sporting hero can inspire young people and make a real difference in their lives, as they strive to find purpose and fulfil their dreams. 

“With The Sebastian Foundation, we have found a like-minded charity and by joining forces we will be able to make a significant contribution to the community and enrich the lives of many.”

Adelaide Crows Foundation partner Variety – the Children’s Charity is also supporting the partnership, funding 2,000 students to access Open Parachute.

Crows player Anne Hatchard is running in the Louisiana Marathon in January 2024 with a goal to raise $42K ($1000 for every kilometre run) to support the partnership goals. Donate to Hatchy’s fundraising efforts here: Hatchy’s MARATHON effort for Mental Health (