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Open Parachute

The Sebastian Foundation is proud to support this ground-breaking school program that aims to make a difference in the mental health of adolescents, helping them to understand and survive issues such as low self-esteem, trauma, abuse, bullying/friendship difficulties, addiction, eating/body image issues, depression /anxiety, loss/grief at an extremely vulnerable time in their lives.

Through a Foundation program, ‘Girls who Glow’, we came into contact with Dr Hayley Watson, a clinical psychologist with a PhD in bullying interventions from Macquarie University.

Hayley has been creating and delivering intervention programs globally for the past 15 years. Her program, Open Parachute, has a research partnership with Columbia University and is being implemented in the UK and USA and is currently being rolled out in schools across Australia.

Originally designed for in-school use, the program has been adapted so it can be effectively integrated into a distance education program.

You can find more info on this incredible program at

Book an appointment for your school with Dr Hayley directly here.

It costs $20 to put a child through this program in schools, so every $20 amount donated to The Sebastian Foundation here will enable us to put another Aussie kid through the program. Our aim is to put 10,000 children through this program through 2020 - 2021.