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Helping to connect vulnerable women to their culture

Guthrie House is an indigenous refuge for women who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness.

The women here are in vulnerable situations and many are pregnant or are facing challenges in being with their children, some have children who have been removed from their care and are trying to reunite with them.

It’s a beautiful old home and they approached TSF for help as they weren’t able to make the most of their backyard.

The women who come here have only their room and this garden to connect with their kids, so we were happy to make this a more useful space for the refuge.

TSF is particularly proud of the yarning circle. Created with the expertise of our wonderful friends at Green Options, a yarning circle is an indigenous ritual space where women can connect to their culture. It’s a place to commune, discuss, relate. It’s created with indigenous stone and we’ve surrounded the area with indigenous plants.

We’ve also created a stage which will be used for NAIDOC celebrations, AGMs and Tuesday night karaoke, a herb garden and a beautiful barbeque to help make every dinner healthy and easy.

The work TSF has done here is going to have two very important outcomes: connecting these women with their culture and with their families. And on top of that, it will give the women seeking refuge under this roof somewhere to sit, reflect, grow herbs, cook and eat their dinner.

They do amazing work at Guthrie House and we’re so happy to have been able to lend a hand. Many thanks to our wonderful partners Green Options who made it possible for us to do this work.

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