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Proposing social housing reform

The Sebastian Foundation is pleased to be working together with SOS Women’s Services on a proposal for major infrastructure reform for women’s refuges in NSW.

Based on a belief that the current model for refuges is outdated, the initiative proposes that a strategy should be developed to move away from the communal-style model to modern, self-contained units.

Self contained units give privacy to women and children experiencing trauma, reduce restrictions on admissions to refuges and maintain common areas for appointments, administration and other communal uses.

There is evidence from other states that this proposed model represents best practice and we believe adopting it in NSW would be a progressive and positive way forward in tackling an important issue challenging the state, and indeed the country.

It will require a substantial amount of funding however is an opportunity to create lasting, generational change at a time when domestic violence is on the national agenda like never before.

In November, together with Roxanne McMurray of SOS Women’s Services, we met with The Honourable Brad Hazzard, Minister for Social Housing and Minister for Family and Community Services to further the proposal with his department.