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How to Donate

Please visit the Donate page to make your instant donation now.

You can also purchase items from The Sebastian Foundation store here with 100% of proceeds going directly to helping Australian families in need.

Fundraising for The Sebastian Foundation:

We welcome any fundraising activity for the foundation where funds are raised in a publicly acceptable manner. In some cases we will be able to provide you with merchandise to help with fundraising and auctions, etc. as part of your greater fundraising activity. We also may be able to assist with the production or supply of materials to help elevate your fundraising. Contact us today to find out more. 

Leaving a Bequest in Your Will:

Leaving a bequest in your will is a generous and long-lasting gift that will see your funds continue to help generations to come. 

You should always seek the advice of your lawyer or solicitor when it comes time to prepare your will, however there are four main bequests you can leave in your will to a charity>

Residual - the remainder of your estate after provisions are supplied to your family

Percentage - where your bequest represents a percentage of your total estate

Specific (or Pecuniary) - where your bequest is a specific amount of money, gift, product, property, stock/shares, etc. Gifts left to charities in your will of property, stocks and shares, are exempt from capital gains tax.

Whole Estate - Those without family or preferred beneficiaries may choose to leave their entire estate to our charity.  

You should seek legal advice on which one bests suits your needs. The details required to include our charity in your will are below:

The Sebastian Foundation Ltd
ABN: 37 165 456 655
Current registered address: C/O Suite 201, 282-290 Oxford St Bondi Junction NSW 2022

If you choose to bequest something to The Sebastian Foundation please try and let us know, as well as provide contact details for your next of kin / solicitor, so we can arrange for a gift to be supplied in honour of your life and of your generous donation.