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What we do

The Sebastian Foundation's focus is ultimately on families and community.

We believe in the power of family whatever shape, size or form that comes in and the importance of supporting each other and empowering people to achieve great things.

We support communities and groups, children, empowering women and taking a stand against domestic violence. We hope to continue to grow with your support.

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Our local projects focus on helping Australian families live the best lives they possibly can. We seek to empower communities by building resources for future generations to come, helping mums and dads give the best lives they can for their…

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The Sebastian Foundation is proud supporters of World Vision Australia and the excellent work they do helping global communities in times of hardship. To find out more about World Vision Australia visit their website here. 

Our aim to grow…

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What we can't do

We get a lot of requests through the foundation we wish we could help with, but there's some things we unfortunately can't always do.

The Sebastian Foundation's aim is to help people by either offering financial assistance or helping comple…

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