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White Sky Music Business Management provides The Sebastian Foundation essential book keeping services pro-bono.

With a passion for the music business and a drive to always deliver above and beyond clients’ expectations, White Sky has quickly grown and is now the largest entertainment business management company in Australia.

Managed by Tom Harris and Paul Luczak, White Sky works predominantly with artists, bands, comedians, independent record labels and venues. The services offered at White Sky have evolved over time covering a variety of accounting and business needs. Depending on the client’s requirements, we handle everything from basic bookkeeping to tour budgeting, managing international tax obligations and royalty income analysis.

They take care of the money side of things to give clients the time to do what they do best. We don’t advise our clients on how to run their business, we simply provide them with the information they need to make the most informed decisions themselves.

The next few years look like being an exciting time for White Sky as we continue to evolve, innovate and adapt our services to our client’s needs. Inspired by past great Australian independent music businesses that started from an idea and grew with a continuing commitment to hard work and exceptional service, they'll continue to make our mark on the Australian music scene.